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Salsa Video Links
First, check out our salsa videos page, which has short descriptions/reviews on videos we've watched.

Miami Style/Casino Rueda

  • - Mike & Simona teach the fundamentals of Cuban Casino style dancing.

  • -
    They sell Casino-Rueda instructional videos. Casino Rueda is a Miami-style Salsa danced in a wheel formation. It's a great way to learn Miami-style Salsa.
  • -
    Their videos teach the Miami-style of Salsa.The moves mirror those used in the Casino Rueda.
  • -
    This site sells a Casino Rueda video that is straight out of Cuba. You may see a couple of clips from the video on the site as well.
  • -
    They sell a number of different videos. Salsa a la Cubana videos are great for learning the Cuban-style of Salsa. A copy of Salsa a la Cubana is also at the Univ. of Oregon library. The other videos are of various styles that are fun to learn. This site also has video clips that can be viewed online for each instructional tape.
L.A. Style
  • -
    Salsabor Y Cache is a dance company in L.A. Their instructional videos also teach the L.A. style. Their beginner videos are pretty decent.
  • -
    Club Mayan is a night club in L.A. Each year it holds a Salsa competition and posts video clips of the competitors on its site.
N.Y Style/Mambo
  • This site is a library of video clips of New York and Puerto Rican dancers.
General Salsa Links
  • -
    Place to buy hard to find salsa music online. Not cheap, but great resource.
  • Selling the best Salsa congress tapes, CDs, instructor video and dance events worldwide!
Eugene Dance Links
  • -
    Site of local dance group Rumbanana. Check out the photos and, even cooler, the video clips!
  • -
    Salsa dancer/teacher/performer José Cruz makes his web site debut.

  • Oregon Ballroom Dance Club -
    OBDC promotes, instructs, and provides a place for ballroom dancing at the University of Oregon for students and the community at large.
  • Eugene Swing Dance Club -
    The Eugene Swing Dance Club is a group with over 300 members. They provide lessons and dancing to promote Swing Dancing in the Eugene, Oregon area.
Portland Dance Links
  • Hurricane Tumbao - Web site of Ricardo Linnell and his mambo dance company. Dedicated to performing and promoting NY style salsa “on 2″ in Portland, OR.

  • Website of Eric Gonzalez, salsa teacher in Portland with class & event information.
International Salsa Links